Month: June 2018

First try in fasting

As I mentioned earlier in my Welcome post, I have many interests and eating healthy is one of them. To be honest, I don’t follow any diet and I don’t limit myself to certain foods. Instead, every time I have the choice between something and something else, but healthier, I will pick the healthier option, even if […]

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Whale Watching in Provincetown, Massachusetts

One of the most amazing and memorable experiences during my last trip to America was Whale Watching. This is a must-do when on vacation on the Cape Cod, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity myself. I had planned to take an early trip, so I would be back on the cape at noon and be able […]

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Image of the castle in Marburg with the tower of the nearby church

Top 10 things to do in Marburg, Germany

Since I have been living here for the last 3 years, it just seems natural to start my blog with a post about this fairytale town. I first came here in the Autumn of 2014 while on a small vacation in Germany. At the time I was staying at a friend’s house and he was […]

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a beautiful sunset over a lake with boats

Welcome to my Blog

That’s right, I finally did it. And to be honest it took me way shorter time to set up the blog itself than the time it took me debating with myself over the decision of making one. So here I am, having my very own blog and writing my very first post. So exciting!
You should know that I have zero experience with bloging prior to this post and this is a complete experiment for me, but I know I will enjoy the ride and hope you will too. So where do I start from …

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