5 places to visit on your weekend escape to Bad Kissingen

Bad Kissingen

Bad Kissingen is a small spa town in the heart of Germany. It is situated about an hour east from Frankfurt, in county Bavaria. And just as every typical “Bad” town, this is also a spa resort. It has as many as 7 mineral water springs, which are proven to have a contribution to a healthy lifestyle. This among other reasons makes Bad Kissingen a perfect weekend escape.


1. KissSalis Therme (The KissSalis Thermal Spa)

This is a must when you go to Bad Kissingen. It has a thermal spa and wellness area, fitness, sauna, restaurants and inside as well as outside area. Therefore, it is the perfect place if you like the relaxation of the pool and the spa. Not only that but spending a day there would make you want to go back again. Some of the highlights of the place are a mud room, massage basins, steam rooms with saline inhalations. And the most important of all, the whole Therme uses the thermal mineral water, which have healing, soothing and preventative effect.


2.Rosengarten (The Rose Garden)


The Rose Garden and the river


This little piece of land on the shore of The Franconian Saale river, designed with rose bushes, pathways, benches and a fountain, is one of the often visited sights of the town. Made for the delight of the spa visitors as well as for the residents, it is a meeting point for everybody and stays full days and evenings.



3. Kurgarten (The Spa Garden)


 Kurgarten (The Spa Garden)


The word Kur is the German word for treatment, which is used in the sense of certain medical treatment carried out under medical supervision. Since this is a Bad town, most activities of the town are oriented towards Kur culture or spa treatments. This garden was traditionally a center of the social spa life but is now a popular visiting site for spa tourist as well as locals. Moreover, here you can find: the Wandelhalle, a promenade hall for all town events as well as private events; the Brunnenhalle, a hall for the use of the mineral water; the Arcades; and of course, the open gardens, which consist of plenty of space for visitors to rest and enjoy the flowers and the fountains. As for those who fancy a game or two of chess, there are available two life size chess boards.


4. Luitpoldpark (Luitpold Park)

Whether you are interested in picnics, sport, or just relaxing, this is the place for you to go. Covering a big area, and yet in the middle of the tow, this park has plenty of entertainment to offer you.

  • Mediterranean Kneipp pools – a walk through basin with ice cold water, which helps the circulation of the blood
  • Klanggarten (Sound Garden) – few times a day music sounds through the trees and joins the twittering of birds to create a relaxation sensation
  • Barfußlabyrinth (Barefoot Labyrinth) – symbolizing the life and its changes, this labyrinth’s soil is covered with grass, sand, bark mulch, gravel and wood. Walking it barefoot is enjoyable experience for the body and the soul.


Balance walk

Mediterranean Kneipp pools
Mediterranean Kneipp pools




5. Altstadt (The Old Town)

And last but not least – Altstadt. The heart of the town is considered for the old town and is almost entirely a pedestrian zone. It is a labyrinth of small alleys and wide squares, full of little shops and restaurants. This makes as charming as it can be, with flower beds, hanging from balconies and windows, and with its mixed architecture styles.


A street in the city center

Old church


Interesting facts:

1. The Rose Garden has over 130 types of roses and more than 10 000 rose bushes in it.
2. The word spa originates from the name of town Spa in Belgium, known since the Roman times.

Life size chess game

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