Renka’s Journey is the place where I come to be creative. It is my hobby as well as my passion and my proud creation. I started the blog as an experiment, but by now it is much more.

Who am I

My name is Reneta, but you can call me Renka. I live in Marburg, Germany, a wonderful small town in the middle of the country, where I moved in 2015.

Originally, I come from Bulgaria, a country so small in territory, but so rich in landmarks that you can in a day go from hiking at height of 2900m, through valleys and jungle-like forests, to swimming in the Black Sea.

I have lived in 4 different countries and have visited 15 countries on 3 continents. And all of that since I graduated from High School in 2010. I love reading and traveling to new places, meeting new people, getting to know different cultures and experiencing different traditions. I love yoga and doing sports, and I try to lead a healthy life with less impact on nature.