First try in fasting

As I mentioned earlier in my Welcome post, I have many interests and eating healthy is one of them.

To be honest, I don’t follow any diet and I don’t limit myself to certain foods. Instead, every time I have the choice between something and something else, but healthier, I will pick the healthier option, even if it is more expensive. I do eat sweets, just not so often, and I do eat way more fruits than candy. I often buy my groceries at the bio market and rarely would eat fast food. But even then, it is not unhealthy. The perks of living in Germany – lots of the fast food is actually lean meat with vegetables.

So, that being said, I do try to change my habits to eat healthier every single day. And I do this one step at a time, little by little.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao-Tzu

My latest venture in this regard was fasting for 3 days.

As you might, or might not know fasting is the voluntarily withholding of food for many reasons, like health, spiritual cleansing or weight loss. There are of course numerous articles and books written on the topic, so I am not planning on going into details as to what it is and how to do it.

My decision on it was very spontaneous. I was just back from a big dinner in a very nice restaurant (I had a portion of pasta and a tiramisu for desert), when I started a conversation with a friend of mine, who was on her 8th day of fasting (WOW, right?, 8 day with no food!!!) We had discussed prior to this the different benefits of fasting and the proper way to do it. So, I decided to start with my fast.

Initially, I planned to fast for 4 days. But since it was my first time, I was prepared to break it earlier if I had to. So, this is how it went:


Day 1: from 7pm Friday to 7pm Saturday

I went to bed with a full stomach after a nice dinner and woke up the next day in perfect condition. Had no desire to eat and was really excited about the whole fast.

Later during the day, I remembered that I had planned to visit a friend for BBQ (such a bummer, who forgets BBQ plans?!). But the circumstances were on my side, the weather went bad and we had to cancel the BBQ. What didn’t go according the plan, was that the guest decided to do burgers instead of the BBQ. So, I was there trying to be super positive and not caring.

I survived! The burgers smelled really good, but my will to finish my fast was bigger. On top of that it was my first day, so I wasn’t extremely hungry.


Day 2: from 7pm Saturday to 7pm Sunday

I woke up again not hungry. Weird, ah?

I was proud of myself for not eating those super juicy, very well smelling and looking burgers. I had a day of activities, that were gonna take my mind away from food.

First was cinema. I went there with my boyfriend and surprisingly enough our tickets for the movie came each with free popcorn. It could have been a better start of the day, couldn’t it? My boyfriend took both bags with popcorn claiming he would eat them alone. At the end of the movie we still had a bag and half and they looked really tempting, but no, I did not eat any.

The day went on relative good.

Then at dinner time, it was getting harder again. Of course the smell of food was so strong that I had to put all my strength into not leaving the room and returning only after my boyfriend was done eating.
I survived that too.


Day 3: from 7pm Sunday to 7pm Monday

I was surprisingly not feeling weak, but neither was I feeling powerful, which is what should happen after the second day.

Anyways, I went to work where I was expected to spend 8 hours far away from food. It worked up to a point. Of course, the lunch break came, so everybody started eating and… let’s say it this way, that’s the point I started thinking that maybe 3 days is enough.

By 3 pm I was already convinced to stop the fast and to start the refeeding process at 7 o’clock – right after the 72th hour mark. So, the next 4 hours I spent in planning what and how and when I will eat.

I went home after work, and at 7pm broke my fast with a glass of vegetable broth. and after an hour 2 eggs with half an avocado. It was really nothing special, but it felt like the best food I have had in years.

So, I am extremely proud of myself for going through with the fast and even though it did not have any visible effect on me, it strengthen my health and my mind.

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