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That’s right, I finally did it. And to be honest it took me way shorter time to set up the blog itself than the time it took me debating with myself over the decision of making one. So here I am, having my very own blog and writing my very first post. So exciting!

You should know that I have zero experience with blogging prior to this post and this is a complete experiment for me. But I know I will enjoy the ride and hope you will too. So where do I start from …

I used to be skeptical about the idea of writing a blog, but that was long ago. Little by little, especially since I started travelling, I started reading people’s blogs, just to find useful information for my upcoming trips. That let me to visiting other blogs as well and more often for different reasons like, when I need little hacks on fixing broken stuff around the house (and on the PC) or different DIY project that are fun and easy to make.

So, I ended up spending a relatively good amount of time on various blogs and to be honest I liked it. I liked it, when people were sharing their experiences. I liked it, that they were helping me in many different ways. I liked it, for how educational and inspiring it can be. So, the idea of helping others the same way was very tempting. I wasn’t considering it seriously in the beginning, but with time this idea grew bigger and bigger until one day I was like “Well, what the h*ll, why not! If so many people can do it, then I can do it too!”. And this is exactly how my blog did not start.

That was maybe about a year ago. I just didn’t do anything about it. I kept on living my life like before. Then about 2 months ago, I was planning my upcoming trip to America (stay with me, it isn’t that much longer) and naturally was reading many different travel blogs to plan the best vocation and to get the most out of it. And then it struck me again with full power – I want to have my own blog. It was the perfect time, if I was to make a travel blog. I should start it before my big American holiday, so I can actually write during the holiday.

I started researching platforms for it, where to host it and costs, what domain to have… And it was all too much. I was pressured by the little time I had to plan the holiday and to make the blog, so naturally, I chose to leave the blog behind and focus on planning the trip.

And here I am 10 days after the vocation, regretting the fact that I couldn’t make a blog on time, so I could commemorate this amazing trip I had. It has been only 10 days since I came back and I am already forgetting so many of the impressions I gathered there. And I wish I had started the blog back then, so I could put on record my experience to the fullest.

Well… you know what people say: better late than never!


As you might have already noticed, quite a big part of the upper segment of this post is about travelling. So you might be thinking that this would be a travelling blog. And you guessed it correctly, to a certain extent. It will not be only about travelling. How can I limit myself to only one thing, when I have interest in so many? (No, don’t answer please, it was a rhetorical question.) I thought about what I want to write and I just couldn’t decide from the many topics. So I made a chose to write about everything that I like, that interests me, concerns me or bothers me, or simply things happening in my life. And that includes, but is not limited to: travelling, dreaming, books, healthy food, exercising, yoga, essential oils, environment and keeping it clean, and much more.

I still don’t know if I will at all write about all of them, and how I will be switching between topics, or would I be making the same amount of article on each and every topic, or if I will be able to keep on writing and not just give up after a month or two… But as I said earlier, this is an experiment. And as such, a person can only learn from it.
So, dear reader, sit back comfortable and enjoy the ride. As for me, I will try to write as often as possible.

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